Pitch Us Stories or Themes

Have a story, theme or subject that you think could work for our show? Freelancers have helped make our show great, and we’re happy to consider your suggestions for an upcoming episode.

A few pointers:

— We tend to go for stories/themes that inspire wonder and/or reveal something surprising about life.

— We tend to shy away from things that are "super cool" in their own right, or stories that could be described as “far out dude”. We look for the "weird and cool" things inside the "every day experience".

— Our “number one rule": no rules.

When you pitch, it’s good to propose a few potential scenes and an overall narrative arc of your story or theme. You don’t need to know how it ends or offer any “what it all means”-type suggestions,  but you should be able to convey a richness of detail to get us to care about something we otherwise wouldn’t have thought twice about.


We read every single pitch. Seriously. If we think it can work for us we’ll get in touch. We have a pretty big backlog right now so our current turnaround time on reviewing pitches is about 2-3 weeks. We hope to bring that down, but like we said, we’re very busy because we're a big deal.


We are currently accepting applications for internships . Contact us below.

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