Episode 19 - The Dangers of Technology

Episode 19 - The Dangers of Technology

Unfortunately advances in technology don't always have the potential to benefit mankind, sometimes the opposite is true.


It is only a matter of time before technology turns against us. Every time you use a fork or a weedwhacker or any modern technological artifact for that matter, you become more and more dependent on technology. To the point where now we have these interweaving networks of technology spreading through society -in our households and even inside our pockets. Technology has become a super organism and if we look carefully we can all see this tiny sliver of autonomy. We've all seen this in robotic arms, cpu processors, light switches, meat grinders, etc. We see it slowly inching towards independence. If we look carefully we can begin to see the emergent agenda of Technology, gearing towards autonomy and control.

There are those that argue that technology is not intelligent but the "Technabian" (which is the word we use to describe this technological super organism) will continue to manifest it's willpower to the point where it might be too late to stop it.


Regressionism is what the future of the human race is said to depend on. Regression from technology. The real breakthroughs lay in stepping away from technology and finding out ways to become less dependent and more auto-sustainable. We need to toss out the pacifier, we need to stop sucking on the teet of technology if we want to survive as a species.

What's in your Bugout Bag?

What's in your Bugout Bag?

Society is undergoing massive changes, revolutions are well under way, and it's only a matter of time before this disease affecting green and red bell peppers causes deadly allergic reactions where your face swells up like a balloon. So what's the solution? There's actually a team of prepared, forward thinking individuals known as Preppers that are devising strategies for us to survive in the face of a social catastrophe.

The most important factor is what you bring in your Bugout bag. These are all the vital necessities that will aid your survival in a post apocalyptic world. Everyone's bag will be different. Some essential supplies that should be in everyone's bag include:

1. Crowbar

2. Map and compass

4. Skunk or weasel gland extract

5. Handkerchief

6. Hand crank radio

8. Urine to H2o filtration system

9. Neosporin

10. Dehydrated tilapia eggs

11. Poncho

12. 80s paraphernalia (no more than 3 items)

13. Digestive bitters

14. Mobile chemistry kit

15. Rake

The above are just the suggested items that are proven to be extremely useful for most occasions in a post apocalyptic world. Assembling your Bugout bag is the make-break for your survival. Too heavy an item and you're slowed down. An item that has personal value to you but no real survival aiding potential is just useless memorabillia. So take great care in putting one together, the most noteworthy survivors in history survived due mainly to this factor. Even in Logan's Run, he takes the ankh with him which turns out to be a secret key to get out of the city. Had he not taken this item, he would have to try to pick the lock or call a lock smith or steal someone's key, etc.


In addition to supplies, Preppers work on key survival skills that will assist them in unique situations. These are skills that are outside of the normal; skills that aren't necessarily worked on as much as they should be. For example, you might need both your hands to carry something, and it might be a situation where you have to hastily move, not allowing you time to put your knife back in its proper place. So you have to carry the knife in your mouth, and run with this item which is occupying both your hands. Well you might ask yourself, how often have you had to run at full speed with a big knife in your mouth? Probably only a few times, so your ability to do this is shaky at best. You might find the knife is heavy in your mouth, or is tilting to one side, or perhaps it's slicing the sides of your face open. Had you developed the proper muscles and technique through training, you wouldn't be experiencing these problems. Take some time to write out some skills you'd need in order to survive, remember these are usually out of the ordinary skills.

Bugout bags, knife-in-mouth skills and other abnormal skill sets are what you need to be working on so you can be ready to face social uprising. The Matter at Hand has a team of some of the best Preppers in the world, so write us with any questions you may have and send us your idea for your Bugout bag, our experts here will let you know if you're missing anything.

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